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Anastasia Interviews

What would you have done if you hadn't become a tennis player ?
I wanted to be a criminal lawyer. To work for the prosecution against the ciminals and to clean up society. I've read alot of detective books, which is why i like the idea of the job.

Which player do you least like playing against ?
Every player is different and you have to be ready for everybody. But if don't like big slicers. Let's say Conchita Martinez. I don't really enjoy playing against her. She has a tricky game: lobs, slices and dropshots. Sometimes its really difficult.

What is your proudest moment so far ?
It was the Olympic Games in Sydney. It was unbelievable-the moment when i was in the opening ceremony. The whole world is watching you and watching how you walk through the stadium, how you present your country. I think its the best moment in the whole wide world. I can't remember who was carrying the flag, but it was great to be with the whole team, all the different sports. I was walking next to Elena Likhovtseva and Elena Dementieva.

What is your most embarrassing moment in tennis ?
At the French Open last year it was really bad when I lost in the first round against Shinobu Asagoe. I thought i was going to quit tennis. I was really embarrassed. Of course all the players can lose in the first round sometimes, but when you lose you feel really bad and you don't want to play anymore.

What car do you drive ? p
I don't drive a car. But i can tell you what i like. I like the Audi TT and the Porsche Boxster. I've never really had time in the big city to learn how to drive so i let my father or my boyfriend drive me. My boyfriend is Jens Gerlath. He is also my coach. I haven't passed my driving test but I'm hoping to have a licence soon.

You once posed naked on a horse in a men's magazine. What's the story behind that ?
The magazine (GQ) called me to ask if I wanted to do some pictures with them but they didn't say anything about the horse! Then when I got there I saw this huge horse and I was really surprised because I'd never ridden a horse before. I was scared because it was really big. Then they started to take pictures. It was something completely fresh and I think it was a good experience, especially for me.

Were you embarrassed at posing naked for the shots ?[/b]
I wasn't naked, actually. I was wearing underwear. And there were no men in the room when I did the photographs - only my boyfriend and the guy who took the pictures. All the rest were women, so I was okay! My mum was a little bit shocked and my father was surprised because he thought it was going to be something to do with tennis, and it was completely different. But I think all my friends liked it. They told me they liked it, anyway.

If there was one rule in tennis you could change, what would it be ?
I don't agree with the ITF because it often changes the rules for the Fed Cup. Every year we have no idea what kind of rules we are going to have. It's very difficult to adapt to. I really enjoy the way the game is right now so i don't think it should change.

You and Dementieva were both coached by Marat Safin's mother. She is now coaching her daugher Safina. Why is she such a successful coach ?
She has two kids herself, so she knows exactly how to coach kids. It's so hard to tell kids they have to do certain things, but she's really good at it. She understands children and she's a great person.

What irritates you most about being a pro ?
That i can't be with my friends and my family. But you get used to it and your friends and family can come to the tournaments and visit you there.

Favourite music, film and book ?
With music, I can start with opera and end with Eminem. For films, I love Jennifer Lopez as an actress. With books, I read romantic novels by Arthur Hailey.

"What are you most likely to complain about in a hotel ?
Housekeeping. Sometimes they come really early. When I finish a match really late I just want to lie in in the morning. But sometimes I forget to put the "Do Not Disturb" sign up and they always try to come in and clean the room. was created and is maintaned by Pierre Cantin and may not be reproduced in any form without my written consent. If ever you find material here which you beleive is yours and would like either to get credit for it or simply for me to put it down, please e-mail me.