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Interview with Anastasia Myskina (11 October 2000)

I am so happy. She has been playing very well the last few months. But I think itís not the best tennis today. We were nervous because we are both from Russia, and she is first, I am behind her. And maybe she didnít want to lose to me, so maybe thatís why she played not so good today.
I did well today, but I know I have to play against her and I just try to do my best and I win. Backhand, baseline and serve were good, and sometimes forehand. Important points I won from forehand.
We never practice together because we practice at different clubs.
When it was one-all, this was a very important game, and afterwards it was more easy for me. She got more nervous because it was more advantage for her I think. Iím not sure because she started getting more nervous and make more mistakes, easy mistakes.
I donít think about the next game because for me it was a really important game today. So I donít want to play tomorrow (giggles). I am so happy that I donít want to think about the next game.
I think now Martina Hingis is the best. I saw her last week in Filderstadt, and she played like God. She hits so hard and everything in the court. She is the best now. I will try something. I donít know what, but Iíll try.
Yes, right now there is competition between the Russian girls, because we are 7 in the top 100, and everybody wants to be first. Krasnoroutskaya, me, Dementieva, Petrova - well, sheís not here, but anyway, she fights every time when she plays with us. We are friends, not on the court, but in life we are friends of course. I think Likhovtseva is more friends thank Lina, but Lina is a nice person and I play doubles with her. Larissa, her coach, she helps me sometimes, which is important to me. I have my coach, and he travels with me. He is here with me, but usually I travel with my father.
My club in Moscow is Spartak. Kournikova started with us , Dementia and Likhovtseva are at another club, Lina practices outside of Moscow, and Petrova practices in Poland. At Spartak I started with the mother of Safin, Rosa, she was my first coach and I practiced with her for six years. Now she travels with her daughter, which is more important for her. I found another coach. I want to say thanks to her. I started with her and what I have now is thanks to her. Everything she gave me.
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