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Anastasia Myskina V Jennifer Capriati
Match report - Richard Paveley

Brave Anastasia out of Wimbledon

Anastasia Myskina is out of Wimbledon after a 6-2 6-3 defeat to Jennifer Capriati.

This was always going to be a tough match for Nastya, Jennifer's overall power and guile would prove a tough test for even the best players in the world. So from an outsiders viewpoint the outcome was perhaps not a surprise.

The match itself was delayed by 90minutes due to the heavy rain that swamped SW19 all morning and this delay was not what Nastya had wanted. The threat oimpending rain all the way throughout the match was a distraction to both players, Jennifer in the end handled it the better of the two.

Anastasia needed a good start to calm her obvious nerves but she got the complete opposite. Losing her serve all the way to 0-4 the first set flew by and a possible 0-6 was not out of the question. Credit to Capriati tho, she didnt play great but what she did do was play solidly and keep the unforced errors to a minimum, especially on the big points.

Nastya was becoming visibly aggitated and frustrated with her game but she dug in and began to find her feet as the set went on. Eventually after a mini revival she lost the first set 6-2. The next set though would prove to be a closer affair.

After the disasterous start which Nastya endured in the first set her main priority would be to avoid the same during the early stages of the new set.Nastya held her serve well this time round and began to increase the pressure on Capriati, the fightback it seemed was on the cards.

Unfortunately the Unforced errors on the forehand side began to increase, especially on vital points. Along with it though she began to losen up and find a few more of those elusive winners that she desperatley needed. Hitting some great shots along the way she started to compete with Jennifer and the match was beginning to develop into a good battle.

Increasingly longer rallies, clever drop shots and some good first serves kept Nastya within reach of Capriati but Jennifer broke halfway through the set and altho she gave it her all, Anastasia couldnt break back. With the score 5-3 to JCap and Nastya serving, the skys around Wimbledon began to darken and spots of rain began to fall. Desperate to avoid another rain delay Myskina rushed through her serve and the points knowing deep down the match was over.

With the rain falling the final point was played out with a delighted Jennifer coming out victorious. A strange end to match which was always going to be a struggle for Nastya but in the end she can have no complaints with the outcome. was created and is maintaned by Pierre Cantin and may not be reproduced in any form without my written consent. If ever you find material here which you beleive is yours and would like either to get credit for it or simply for me to put it down, please e-mail me.